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Many things happen unexpectedly on the road, and one of the most frightening is to have a tyre burst while you are travelling at speed. A sudden loss of pressure on one or more of your vehicle four tyre can be terrifying but as always, there are always ways of dealing with such situation, and also ways of avoiding such an event.

There are numerous causes of tyre burst or blowout, but the common ones are:

1.Under-inflation of tyres – an under-inflated tyre will bulge out under your car weight, causing a high level of friction, resulting in heat that will weaken the tyre and eventually leads to a burst. Make sure you check your tyre pressures regularly to dramatically reduce the chance of tyre burst; equally ensure tyres are not over-inflated.

2. Overloaded Vehicle – overloaded vehicle can also lead to a burst tyre due to the tyre being put under more pressure than it is built to endure. Couple this with an under-inflated tyre and there is a high chance of a tyre burst. Make sure you are aware of your vehicle's maximum load weight and don't go over it to reduce the risk of a burst. 

3. Potholes – potholes are a general menace to motorists; they can also be quite dangerous to our vehicles. Driving over a deep pothole at speed, can cause an immediate tyre burst due to the impact alone.

If you are driving and your tyre burst, here are a few things to do;

First, do not panic. stay calm as much as possible to be able to figure out the best way to manage the situation. Do not bang on the break pedal, it will catapult the vehicle to a different direction. Remove your leg from the accelerator gently.

Keep your steering straight. Turning your hand will make the vehicle more imbalanced. If you have eventually gained control over the vehicle and you want to park, still handle the steering gently. Pull over safely – as soon as safely possible, pull your car over to the side of the road and put your hazards on. Ensure that other motorists are aware that you have stopped by deploying reflective safety triangles behind your car if you have them and wear reflective clothing if possible. Never forget to use the hazard lights while in danger.



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